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Before we start, I have to let you know that this is a process, and it will take a lot of practice. You will need to fight through many comfort zones and overcome a lot of barriers that you have placed on yourself. Being shy is a condition that for most people has been created during their childhood. To a certain extent, some people are introverted but this is not the same as being shy. Shyness is defined here as a fear of talking to people and expressing yourself. We all have a desire to express ourselves, and the fear of talking to people is completely unjustified. So here is a list compiled from personal experience and observations. Here we go:

1. Say Hi to strangers

From the moment you leave your place, start acknowledging people and saying hi. It’s to be expected that if you come across one other…

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Party for Your Life

So… a new study is showing that partying can improve your health. Sure they’re not talking about my type of partying but maybe one notch lower may be good for the soul.


According to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research in Rochester, partying, particularly dancing, is considered an exercise and provides all the wonderful health benefits of regular exercise, like running on a treadmill.

Dancing can burn as many calories as walking, swimming or riding a bicycle. During a half hour of sustained dancing you can burn between 200 and 400 calories. The side-to-sode  movements of many dances strengthen your weight bearing bones and can help prevent or slow loss of bone mass. 

Further research has indicated that social activities are sure to make you live longer and healthier  According to the 2001 Surgeon General’s Report it has been scientifically documented that participating in meaningful recreational activity aids in prevention of diseases and improves the mental health of participants.

So basically… the next time you decided to stay home and hide on the weekend get off ur ass n PARTAYYY! Gangnam Style 


Like to blog? Live it out! Don’t be afraid to spread your voice.
Here are some very good tips…

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. --Ernest Hemingway

When I surpassed 50 followers, I wrote a post thanking all my readers for listening, and got a lot of feedback. I got asked how I created a blog that 50 people thought was worth reading in just 2 months, so I decided to make this post. (Not that I think my blog is super great or anything. Cause I don’t. I just try to make something that I would want to read.) So here are some ideas that might help take your blog to the next level.

Actually, I liked that thing I just said. Let’s make that #1.

1. Make a blog you would want to read.

This is your space. You have freedom to make it something that is 100% uniquely you. So don’t be afraid to change things that aren’t working for you to make it better. I’ve redone my “About Me” page, which should be…

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YVA’s YVA’s oh lordddd if I don’t hear another YVA commercial it will be too soon. 

Anyway, as much as I have tried to ignore the hype because I am above the age of 12 I have gotten sucked in thanks to D. So he and all the racers athletes are apparently making it a point to go, and get all fancy for the Red Carpet so I definitely have to put my stamp of approval on it.

Jason Young will be presenting an award. Warren Weir will probably walk away with one. And there is sure to be ratchets present. All in all not a bad way to spend that $4000 that has been burning a hole in your pocket. 

IIIIII on the other hand will be scraping cents together so after I scour Zen for an outfit I’ll wild out the After Party and then ofcourse Ultra.

See you there!

The clock strikers three…and impossibilities merge with reality into a kaleidoscope so obscene that only cold dreamers can perceive.


If you’ve ever found yourself writing your best work during what the normal folk call “ungodly hours” then I think you’ll agree with me on this one:

The Unobserved Hour

The clock strikes three
A time where logic loses its edge
And the conscious mind free falls
Off the edge of sanity,

Where the burdened brain shatters
And impossibilities merge with reality
Into a kaleidoscope so obscene
That only cold dreamers can perceive:

They watch our long caged desires
Transcend the laws of religion
Tear through the holes of science
And past the prison of society

To a place where none shall judge you
No inferno to sway your conscience
All boundaries removed and banished
So creativity shall reign supreme

This is the hour of lovers
All poets and artists to be
Once bound by the chains of reason
Now freed from their slavery.


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Sports…so #2013

So…got a proper draw out to the RJR Sportsman & woman of the year which normally bores me to death. Howeverrr, since my ride or die gave a convincing story I went with a ‘here for the drinks’ frame of mind & boi did it deliver!

Shud have thought of this years ago.

Full play out can be seen @JamaicangradesImageImage

Need a Break? Take it!

Happy Monday *throwupface*. Very sad that it is no longer Sunday as I spent the day doing absolutely nothing & loved every second of it.

It was D’s birthday so I kidnapped him to Ocho Rios, a nice hour and a half drive from Kingston just to go to the beach ^_^ Madness. We reached pretty early so decided to climb Dunns River Falls, loved it, he basically strengthed me through the whole thing, loved him. Then beach was exactly what we needed to escape the stagnation of Kingston pretty sure we layed there for 2 hours just talking.

In the end we headed back in by 6 PM and I did not fall asleep while driving, so double plus!

One thing was made pretty clear people. If you feel like you need a break to get away, take the time to take care of yourself. Vacations allow for simple pleasures like being together and not having to say a word, & especially if you are on a budget, a little excursion away to the simple places is definitely a win.

Happy BDay Love.